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Liberty-Eylau Texarkana TX Real Estate, Liberty-Eylau Texarkana area and Community Information

You might be interested in learning a bit more about the Liberty-Eylau Texarkana area if you are considering purchasing Liberty-Eylau Texarkana TX real estate. Liberty-Eylau Texarkana real estate comes with more than just Liberty-Eylau Texarkana TX homes. There is much more to a home that simply the building that you reside in. The neighborhood that you reside in affects your life as well, so you need to make sure that it is an area that you can envision yourself living in.


Liberty-Eylau Texarkana homes for sale are located in an area that is vast and has a rich history with the railroad community. Railroad companies saw the potential in the area, and many of them attempted to lay tracks across the region. Consequently, numerous railroad companies ended up experiencing a rivalry in the area. Where Texarkana obtained its unique name is not exactly known, but a popular legend credits the naming to Colonel Gus Knobel who surveyed the Iron Mountain Railroad from Little Rock to what is now Liberty-Eylau Texarkana and then nailed a plank to a tree with the name on it. 

Parks and Recreation

Liberty-Eylau Texarkana properties are near plenty of parks and recreational areas. Because the area is so vast, there is no shortage of nature to accommodate parks. In fact, the area is home to 11 parks that span more than 500 acres. Some of the various parks in the area include the notable Dog Sign Park that features a sign shaped like a dog fire hydrant and the Kidtopia Park that is designed with childhood fun in mind with its vast playground area.  

Attractions and Activities

Real estate in Liberty-Eylau Texarkana is located near numerous attractions and activities. Homes for sale in Liberty-Eylau Texarkana are located near the famous Union Station, Opulence and the Segregation, the Perot Theater, the Box Office, the Four States Fair, the Garrison McLain House, the Museum of Regional History and the King of Ragtime monument. 


The Liberty-Eylau Texarkana home buyer who hopes to move to an area that is ripe with activity won’t be disappointed with Liberty-Eylau Texarkana’s numerous events. Some of the local events in the area include the annual Duck Race, the Miracle Mud Run, Turbo Day, book signings and various other events. 

A Liberty-Eylau Texarkana real estate agent can assist you in finding the perfect home in this historic area. Let a Liberty-Eylau Texarkana realtor help you begin your home search in Liberty-Eylau Texarkana today.
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